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Working with Printables

The Basics

What are printables?

Do I need ability on crafting to use printables?

Can I print my printables at home?

What kind of activities exactly do printables require?

What kind of tools exactly do printables require?

What kind of materials exactly do printables require?

Will printables work on my Mac? Will printables work on my Windows?

What software do I need to use printables?

I can see my PDF files without Acrobat Reader®. Do I really need it?


What paper should I use?

I have a nice stock of light beige textured card stock. Can I use it for my printables?

What if I use standard copy/multipurpose paper instead of a sturdier paper?

What adhesive should I use?

What kind of stick should I use for cupcake toppers?

What kind of stick should I use for the Tower Box?


Do I need a craft knife besides my scissors?

Do I need a bone folder for folding?

The Process

I may need to use different printers for a party project. Is it okay?

I will take my printables to a print shop. What should I know before taking/sending my files to a print shop?

The colors of my prints are not as vibrant as they look on the screen when I view my PDF files. What can I do about it?

I'm not sure I'm getting the best prints from my printer. What's the best configuration?

What is mountain fold? What is valley fold?

Do I really need to score before folding?

What is scoring? How to score?

How to edit text in my editable PDF?

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